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Bothell Locks & Keys has been a name for providing most promising solutions for safe locksmith emergencies in and around Bothell. We have been providing solutions for all types of emergencies concerning locked out safes, lost safe keys, jammed safe locks, safe installation and other situations that include safe locks and keys. We have always made it a point of providing quality solutions to each and every customer that we come across.

The Best Safe Locksmiths in Bothell!

We have been providing safe locksmith services since past 18 years and these years have shaped us in becoming the best locksmith service providers in Bothell. We started our journey as a small start up for providing locksmith services to the customers living around with a vision for providing the best locksmith services to each and every customer in Bothell city. After 18 years of providing safe locksmith services to end number of customers, Bothell Locks & Keys has become the first choice for all the situations relating to safe locksmith emergencies.

Is Your Safe Giving You Hard Time?

Have you just found out that the keys to your safe are missing? Or did you just realise your safe is not accepting the combination that you are trying to open it with. Instead of panicking and thinking of blasting the safe door, which we would suggest is a very very very bad idea because not only it will damage the surroundings, think of the cool stuff that you have inside the safe. Jokes aside, in such emergencies, try giving Bothell Locks & Car Keys a call, we promise we will get your safe emergency sorted in lesser time without damaging or leaving a single scratch on your safe. Sounds impossible? Well when you have Bothell Locks & Car Key experts at your rescue, impossible could also seem possible. All our emergency mobile vans carry the latest technology equipments required for unlocking safes, which makes it possible for us to open the safe without damaging the locks and safe.

Apart from opening the safe, if you are looking for investing in a safe, it is very important to know very well about what purpose you are buying the safe? Where do you plan to install the safe? What exactly do you want to keep in safe? Which type of safe are you looking for – wall safe, gun safe, under the floor safe or Fire safe? Are you buying the safe for commercial building or are you buying it for residential purpose? These are a few check points you would have to clear before finalizing a safe. Bothell Locks & Car Keys has been a name for providing the toughest quality safes in and around Bothell. Our safes are made using latest techniques. We’ve made sure our safes are not only tough but look good too.

Try giving us a call for all your safe related emergencies and requirements and we promise we will help you out. We provide emergency services for all your safe related locksmith needs 24/7.