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Bothell Locks & Car Keys has been a name well known in the commercial circles for all their requirements of commercial locking solutions and emergencies. We have served almost all the commercial buildings in Bothell with our unique emergency locking solutions. We have earned quiet a reputation for our timely and dependable locking solutions in and around Bothell. We deliver all types of locking solutions for all the commercial situations that concern locked out offices, locked out cabinets, electric key locks, master key programming, key less entry locks, glass door locks, high security locks and the list could go on and on.

The Most Trusted Commercial Locksmiths in Bothell!

Bothell Locks & Car Keys started out as a small family start up for providing solutions to all the locksmith emergencies relating to lock and car keys in Bothell. With the years of experience, our services also became diversified in nature. We started providing solutions for all types of Commercial locksmith needs of people of Bothell. We also did a lot of research and have become one of the most trusted locksmiths for providing solutions for commercial locking systems. Our locking systems are unique in nature and they are made out of finest quality steel and parts. These locks are the strongest of options you might find in entire Bothell for your commercial property. You can totally trust us about the security of your commercial properties and offices.

Call Us for Quick And Clean Locksmith Solutions!

If you find your office locks jammed or are unable to operate and unlock the doors, you know you need a good locksmith for this situation. Instead of calling just any other locksmiths around and wasting your time in waiting for hours for them to turn up for help, give us a call on 425-272-9983 and we will reach you in less then 30 minutes. Our mobile vans are always on a go once we receive an emergency call out and location. They are equipped with all the latest technology unlocking mechanisms and tools that they might require for unlocking your high security locking systems. These tools provide us an advantage amongst our contemporaries for providing quick solutions without leaving a single scratch to your doors or locks. This makes the whole difference when you compare our services to just any other locksmith who uses the age old tools to open your locks which is time consuming and concerns some serious damage to the lock and door.

We know how dearly you love your office and you can rest assured about the safety of your premises when our locksmiths are handling the emergency locking situation. They are well trained and certified locksmiths who have been serving the locksmith community for more then 3 years. They are very smooth about the unlocking operations and won’t do any harm to the office surroundings.

Give us a call to know more about our commercial locksmith solutions you might want to invest for the safety of your offices.

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